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How long does it take to edit the photographs?

2 weeks from the day of the photo shoot. During the first days after the photoshoot you will get a 10-15 of all of photographs. So in a few days you will already have some pictures to show.

What camera do you use?

I use sony camera with very sensitive sensor. My lenses are: Zeiss 35mm 1.4 + Zeiss 85mm 1.8 + wide.


We typically create a timeline with your input - after all it is your session. Or we can simply take you on a fun-filled tour. aI am also very happy to show you locations that only those of us who have been living here for a long time know. These locations are also quite beautiful and are close enough for us to maximize the amount of locations visited.


Prague is such a small and compact city that you actually see and experience more as opposed to sitting in traffic which is quite bad here. As such we do not recommend having a car. The only exception is during our long winter themed sessions where getting in and out of the cold is always a nice respite. However for those couples who prefer to be driven around we do work with several companies and can offer their services.


That amazing period when daytime turns to night or for those early risers when night time turns to day. Visually this is one of the most beautiful and creative time periods to capture and create dramatic portraits. As the sun sets behind Prague Castle it can surprise us with an incredible array of colors that look spectacular.
* perfect for creative & dramatic images capturing the sky as it flares.
* unless all of your images are silhouettes a lighting crew is the
only way to truly create and capture stunning images.
* of course there are some drawbacks: getting up and being prepared in
time for the sunrise & shortly afterwards the Golden Light Hour.
This is usually not a problem for our couples from Asia who are
still on their home time zones).
* Or you can opt to capture this timeline during the late afternoon
before sunset. The drawback, many tourists cluttering up your


* The time of day where the atmosphere of the city feels most alive and fun.
* intimacy in beautiful historic locations such as Prague Castle at night is something our clients still rave about many years later.
* the best time for us to create truly unique and creative artistic and art directed portraits.
* the later start times means it is easier to commission hair & makeup services and lighting crews.
* the drawbacks: these time frames fill up very quickly as we do many split sessions so our bookings are quite limited. As we work with a lighting crew these images are more art directed since we are setting up lights and the pace is slower than a natural light session
* another drawback: many tourists are also out and about. As such we will focus on locations where we can try to reduce them in our backgrounds such as Prague Castle or other locations after consulting with you about your wishes and desires.
* pictured our very sweet couple from Japan who had a night time pre wedding portrait session in Paris at the Petit Palais


Anywhere from 40-50 images per hour depending on the situation and how improvisational each couple are.


Dark clothes are always a bad idea for night time shooting. Difficult patterns are also not a good idea as they distract. As fashion is truly subjective it is up to you. For the ladies wearing high heel shoes in Prague can also be quite demanding so please keep that in mind as the cobblestones of the Charles Bridge have happily eaten up a Gucci and lesser priced shoes. For our larger sessions it is best to take a comfortable pair of walking shoes.